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  1. I have done a softreset and a hardreset on the 2 devices with the problem. AIDA 64 UWP is the first app, that has problems with the preview Build 10581. AIDA64 for WP Version had no problems running within the preview. More technical details of my test devices: Lumia 735 = RM-1038_1028, Lumia 1020 = RM-875_eu_euro2_242 and Lumia 820 = RM-825_eu_euro1_217. My Lumias for daily work are Lumia 830 and 930. They will get the update to Windows 10 Mobile at the earliest spring 2016.

  2. I have installed Windows 10 Mobile Build 10581 on 3 Lumias. Everytime I try to open the tab AIDA64 / WINDOWS to get the information, which version of Windows is installed, the app crashes on the Lumias 735 LTE and 1020. Only on the Lumia 820 the app shows the information. I hope, that this problem will be solved very soon. As a registered user of AIDA64 Extreme, I can say, that I like the program.

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