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  1. 22 hours ago, Fiery said:

    I'd simply return the device and ask for a full refund due to a suspected fraud. I wouldn't try to fix the drive at all. Even if you could format it to its "right" capacity, the performance would still be abysmal.

    The return is a bit difficult because I live thousand miles away from Shenzen. I bought the device at a fake market so I knew somehow what I would expected but for the price I just wanted to try it as a portable device, not a main storage device. Maybe I'll try the Linear Write with a laptop because I'm looking for an accurate analysis. I also trying to find a good firmware to flash but I didn't find the one yet. These chinese have done a very good job :P

    4 hours ago, beeonline said:

    @Iryon: I saw that you posted the same question in a comment to the related post on the Italian AIDA64 blog. Now that you talked to the dev in person here I will not post a reply there if you don't mind. Buona giornata!

    Ok, thank you as well :)

  2. Thank you for the answer.


    Meanwhile i tried some more tests with another application and it has been reported data loss after 14,3 Gigabytes so maybe I found the real capacity of the pendrive.
    The writing speed detected is about 2,75Mb/s and the reading speed is about 8,87Mb/s so that's why my Linear Write + Verify has just reached the 20% after 12h.
    Surely the pendrive is defective, but what can i do to fix things?

  3. Hi guys, I'm new here and it's my first thread/post.

    I just bought a chinese usb pendrive of 1TB on my last gig in Shenzen, It's marked SanDisk and pretends to be USB 3.0 but I knew that I would eventually faced some problems.

    I noticed that after loading several gigabytes some contents were corrupted and I immediately looked for information about this problem becoming aware of the AIDA64 program for testing.
    I did a first benchmark with Random Write + Verify, It took an entire day of work but in the end there were no errors. I would bet that the test would be interrupted in order to find his true capacity, and unmask the distorted controller.
    I'm here to asking what can i do more than this. I tried the Linear Write + Verify but it takes days to complete.

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