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  1. Guess who's back, haha!

    I'm really sorry I didn't reply to any of your messages over the years. Due to some private things I have never actually used the panel for an internal LCD. I recently upgraded my case to the NZXT H1 and am planning to fit it with a 7.9 inch ultra-wide LCD screen. 

    I actually stumbled on my own panel while using Google, which brought me back here.
    Unfortunately I do not have the files for the panel I posted earlier, but I'll promise you I will share this time. 

    My plan is to create a new panel for this specific case. Due to the size of this panel (400x1280) the files are probably not for everyone, though I'm sure I will be able to someone out with the gauges and things alike. 

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  2. My Custom sensor panel, in the style of Asus' AI suite. 
    It's 800 x 460 as this will be displayed on an in-case LCD-screen. 

    The dials on top are dynamic, as well as the animated fan icons. I'm quite pleased with it. 
    In case anyone's interested, I'll post a picture with the final result!


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