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  1. 4 hours ago, Mice007 said:

    It is tricky as we get these values from iOS and it is rounding the capacity to the nearest hundred which results in some fluctuations. Also since iOS 11 this value seems a bit off sometimes. I'm recommending you to check the value in the next few days at different charge levels and calculate an average. According to the issue I think around 15% wear level seems real though. Usage time still good but with a lower charge level the device can shut down during a heavy power draw.

    Hmm thank you...

    The latest wear level is 8.27 percent. But most of the time 10.xx or 12.xx is shown.


  2. Hello, newbie here! :D

    I recently purchased a used iPad Mini 4 - 15 months or so old.
    The battery last very long on 100 percent until it goes down to 99 - but gets depleted down to 20 percent in a "normal" way.
    When reached 20 percent I only need to run an app or game for 15 minutes and it's down to 0 and shuts down.

    So I installed AIDA64 to check the battery wear...

    I get 3 different wear levels and have no idea which one is correct - or if anyone is correct.

    Regards, Andreas




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