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  1. @Fiery after uninstalling ASRock A-Tuning Utility & AMD RYZEN MASTER for THReadRipper, i thing that the bug disappear, but finally no, it just take more time to appear, from 15mn to 45mn, so could you tell me if there is a way to detect from where the bug comes. Regards.
  2. @Fiery thank you very much, i uninstall ASRock A-Tuning Utility and leave aida64 open for 60mn and the bug disappear Regards.
  3. dear all, Windows 10 + Asrock Taichi X399 + THREADRIPPER 1950X + AORUS 1080TI when i run aida64 on sensor page for 15mn then run a cpu stress test, my cpu fan speed stay at the minimum rpm !!! when i restart a computer and immediately run a cpu stress test, my cpu fan follow the cpu temp correctly, but when aida64 stay opened for 15mn and run a cpu stress test again, my cpu fan is locked again at the minimum rpm, when i disable LOAD KERNEL DRIVER on aida64 settings, and leave aida64 open for 15mn or longer, then running cpu stress test, the cpu fan respond correctly and follow the cpu temp. Regards.
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