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  1. 12 hours ago, Squall Leonhart said:

    it doesn't point directly at anything.

    otherwise it would be FAULTING_PROCESS:

    Nvidia has made no mention of whether they have reproduced the issue with the reproduction steps so far.



    There is no announcement.

    You should read all posts within a thread before assuming something.

    There will not be a fix for this bsod coming from Fiery's side.


    I take your response that I shouldn't assume AIDA64 causing BSOD?  I thought this is a bug reports forum and I was reporting a BSOD that is reproducible, if I can not report that I doubt why this forum ever exists.  On the other hand, have you read all posts that concludes anything and would you shed some light?

  2. Hi Developers,

    I saw this thread yesterday and was hoping the beta version will address the BSOD that I've experienced.  However I got a BSOD in about 1 hour, I wasn't very sure that the BSOD in my case was relating to Windows 10 update that has been mentioned in other posts in this thread but what I can be sure is that whenever I have my computer idle with AIDA64 running, I will get BSOD within 1-4 hours.  I'm not very sure what to provide to keep this issue on track but here's some basic information of my system and hopefully this can be fixed in coming stable version update.

    MB: Asus B350 prime plus
    CPU: Ryzen 1600
    SSD: Samsung Sm961 and Evo 850
    VGA: Nvidia GTX 980 Ti

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