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  1. I bought  my PC recently, and I noticed that my system temperature is pretty high. I ran multiple tests with AIDA 64, HWInfo and HWMonitor and they all showed some problems which I do not know to solve on my own.

    First of all, my CPU voltage is not stable and can go very very high. For example while playing some games, the voltage hits up to 1.5V and so the temp hits for about 72C. I'm using a stock Spire cooler so this is very dangerous. I tried to change my CPU voltage in my motherboard to 1.2V but to no avail. My PC started, it loaded up my config and the screen turned off while the EZ debug led lighted up.

    I never tried overclocking but I changed the curve of my GPU fan speed, as it was also getting hot during gaming. 

    One last thing, a small red led is always lit up between my CPU socket and RAM. I asked about its purpose to a technician and he said to me that it shows that my motherboard is getting power. I thought it was a little bit ridiculous and I still don't know its purpose. Maybe it's an indicator for over voltage?

    My specs: Ryzen 1500x with Spire cooler

    GTX 1080 graphics card

    8x2 2400 mhz ram

    MSI b350 mortar motherboard

    650w 80+ power supply

    Windows 10 as OS

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