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  1. Hey, it's me again. Thanks for updating the correct buffer size for this SSD from my previous post. I found some more wrong specs in your program though. Heres the official Datasheet from Crucial. http://www.crucial.com/wcsstore/CrucialSAS/pdf/product-flyer/crucial-bx300-ssd-productflyer-a4-en.pdf At this point you guys better check this SSD yourself for more bugs, cause I m not sure if thats all. Thanks in advance.
  2. I`m glad that you answered so quickly and cleared things up for me. I wouldn`t have contacted their support anyway, no matter what the outcome might have been, since they are just awful. They officially support my language in their live chat support, yet they aren't capable of communating without google translate, which by the way didn't make any sense whatsoever. After switching to English they just ignored my problem and sent me a link to their help desk. However nice to see that you guys seem to actually care for your product. Pretty rare in todays society if you ask me.
  3. My 480gb Crucial BX 300 shows a buffer size of only 256mb. Several sites however state that it actually has 512mb. Example: https://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/crucial-bx300-480gb-ssd-review,2.html I would love to hear from you guys if its actually just a bug in your program or if crucial screwed me over by selling me some low dram 480gb model. I actually have another BX 300 480gb SSD and it also shows up as 256mb.
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