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  1. On 2/5/2019 at 10:36 AM, Fiery said:

    As for the hanging, it could still be due to overheating in case the controller chip inside gets too warm and the heat is not transferred properly out of the frame PCB.  Disassembling the frame and directly inspecting the chip's thermal state during operation would be a good idea, but I'm not sure if you can disassemble the frame easily at home...

    I screwed on the case of my SPD-72H and exposed the circuit board. You can touch the chips with your bare hand without any risk of burning.
    I am convinced that the problem is not caused by overheating.

    Too bad, I think the SPF-72H should be on the list of non-functioning picture frames.

  2. I also have a SPF-72H (LP07CELSS).
    After a firmware update to 1012 everything worked fine. No overheating (display refreshes every 1.1 seconds). Is it possible to shorten the interval or is it already completely exhausted?

    Very important info for all. Do NOT install Samsung Frame Manager for Vista 64-bit v2.00 on Windows 10 64Bit v1809 (Build 17763.292) on any CASE. You will get a BSOD and you will have to reinstall the operating system.



    I noticed that the SPF-72H hangs at irregular intervals. When the case arrives you have to switch it off and on again so that it continues to run properly. But I don't find the frame to be above average warm. I am therefore not very sure that it is due to overheating.

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