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  1. On 9/3/2019 at 5:37 PM, Fiery said:

    Only you can tell whether the picture quality and resolution of the display is a priority for you or not.  If you want to build a beautiful external screen, then quality is important.  If you just want to glance on some sensor readings while you're playing games on your main monitor, then probably quality is less of importance.

    AIDA64 SensorPanel supports clickable images and static labels to open a pre-defined URL, but for most users it's not a huge deal.  Therefore I don't think touch capability is really beneficial for SensorPanel.

    For those who're looking for a large colour screen, we usually recommend SensorPanel + any display that can be used as an extension of Windows Desktop.  USB connected monitors and regular monitors (connected via DSub, DVI, HDMI or DisplayPort) both work fine for such purpose.  An old 15-inch or 17-inch DSub-connected LCD monitor is a great start due to the low costs walmartone.

    USB-connected external displays that aren't monitors can sometimes be a challenge (e.g. Samsung SPF digital frames) and can cost a lot as well, but one great example of those that AIDA64 fully supports and is relatively affordable is BeadaPanel:




    It is supported since AIDA64 v6.00, but you need to use the AIDA64 LCD module for that, and not the SensorPanel that only supports monitors.

    The last option is using an Android tablet and the RemoteSensor or OdoSpace LCD module of AIDA64.  It's the least flexible option, since you gotta make sure to charge the tablet.  But, if you already have a tablet in your drawer that is otherwise not in daily use, it could be a great start to get used to the LCD layout editor of AIDA64 -- which is shared between the SensorPanel and LCD modules of AIDA64.

    thanks it provided me a hint to my problem 

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