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  1. I have built this pc especially for blender software, i have searched for weeks, some of ppl is also asking around that even at basic scenes Cpu temps going up so fast, i ll use GPU for renders of course but CPU involves partly as you know, so i saw its worse than stressing CPU in AIDA64. No it doesnt throttle at Blender here is a screenshot at the link below, i wish its my annoyance only and not something wrong in build. But i saw people rendering full speed without throttle at 65C





    Do you think i need take apart and assemble again the cooler? My backplate seems on its place as you see .(Btw sorry for doubling previous posts, i just cldnt delete one of the posts.)

  2. 38 minutes ago, Fiery said:

    It's normal that the FPU subtest heats up the processor much quicker and in most cases to higher degree than the CPU subtest.

    As for what can you do, first, let us know what motherboard and CPU you've got ;)

    Hi, i m using i7 8700(non-K) CPU and Asus Prime H370M-Plus its a MicroAtx board. FPU temps are normal as you said, ok, fot it,  but i cant render a basic scene in blender it goes up to 90C so quick. What i did wrong? May you have suggestions?

  3. Hi, i have built my desktop and i decided to run AIDA64 stress test, when i do only CPU test all 6 cores are running at 68-70 C, but when i add FPU they get to over 95C very fast, i cant even take a screenshot its so quickly going up to 95C so fast from 40C idle, and interestingly it goes down to 40C when i stop test so quick again,  i dont know whats the problem and what to do, i can share any info about my pc specs if needed  , i just didnt want to throw all pages long detail before i am asked. 

    I ve made a basic render with blender which is a 800kb cup on a table and when i try to take render all 6 cores go up around 91-95C. Any recommendations? İ ve just replaced thermalpaste and put a tiny decent drop already.

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