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  1. Hi all im new and joined in hope someone can help me!

    I have just today discovered and installed AIDA64 and have bought the extreme edition key! I have made up a new pc and this is the first time i have installed a 5'' touch screen (elecrow) to my build and i wondered is there anyone who can make me up a fancy sensor panel in the  800x480 resolution so i can just import the file? 


    system specs are! 

    thermaltake tower 900

    msi mpg z490 gaming carbon

    core i9 10900k cpu

    evga gtx 1080ti ftw 3 (pre order waiting on a rtx3090) 

    corsair vengeance pro rgb 128gb 3200

    2x m2 1tb ssd

    4x 1tb ssd

    superflower 2000w platinum psu 

    2x ek 560mm rads 

    2x ek -quantum kinetic 300 d5's

    12x rgb 140mm fans 


    MANY MANY THANKS in advance 


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