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  1. Nothing changed about startup configuration between AIDA64 v1.50 and v1.60.

    I think the problem is that you try to hide the main window, and also you want to hide the AIDA64 System Tray icon. You can only do one of them, but not both combined. That limitation is because if you could hide both the main window and the System Tray icon, then you may end up "losing" AIDA64 -- not being able to restore the application in any ways.

    Well Done!

    That's it. Trying to minimize cycles a little too much.


  2. I have Aida64 starting with Windows and ideally I'd just have the 2 GPU's and the CPU temp icons down on the System Tray.

    Been running Everest since the beginning and although it's not unusual that it takes a little fiddling and perserverance, it usually ends up the way I like it.

    I don't want the splash screen and diminish down to Task or System tray, or the last page viewed with size or position and then down.

    I don't want to see any of that, I even hide the icon bubble, but this version is loading and staying up and I have to manually diminish it and right now it is going to my task bar which I do not like.

    I have tried all configurations and permutations and all I want is what I want!

    Anyways, wonder if anyone else has stumbled across this problem and has found the super easy solution, I'm just missing it. I can take it.

    I'm running X58 Big Bang, i7-930, EVGA 580SC, 12Gb Adata 2000X, Samsung 2443bw.

    I think I had the 150 version behaving properly.

    any help' appreciated,


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