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  1. 14 hours ago, Jav M. said:

    So here we go!

    Here you can find attached all the files related to this SensorPanel, which I have named as "KICS" (Keep It Clean & Simple). I have made some minor adjustments after the first post to make the panel visually better.

    The font used is called "Orbitron".

    Like and enjoy!


    PD1: if you find some mistakes, let me know in order to improve also my own SensorPanel!

    PD2: share your creations based on this template!

    Background.zip 40.79 kB · 46 downloads Gauge.zip 214.09 kB · 50 downloads KICS - Jav M..sensorpanel 140.54 kB · 45 downloads Orbitron.zip 151.84 kB · 47 downloads

    got som problemm it runs in 640x384 


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