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  1. 3 hours ago, Fiery said:

    Thank you for your feedback!  Please confirm that the LCD layout editor (in AIDA64 Preferences) properly works with the expected 1024x600 pixel resolution, and only the EVE4 display itself cuts the bottom 10% of the image off when displaying the bitmap.

    That's correct. Can confirm. The layout editor works as intended, with nothing being cutoff. Only the physical screen exhibits the behavior. 

  2. Hi all! 

    I was recently brain storming on how to display sensor info from aida64 SSE. I wasn't a huge fan on having a secondary sensor display connected through HDMI, as windows does weird things when you have 'multiple' displays connected and even windows 11 doesn't fix it. 

    So I came up with a solution to display the sensor info through a raspberry pi, a web browser and a tiny bit of javascript. 

    If this could be of any use to anyone else, please feel free to either create a PR or fork it and play around with it on your own. 



  3. On 9/23/2021 at 8:59 AM, Fiery said:

    Thank you for the info!  Please confirm that you've got a 1024x600 pixel resolution screen.  If yes, then let us know whether the example demo app displayed a proper image fitting the physical size and also the pixel resolution to your screen.  I'm just asking because on GitHub we have only found the necessary init details for EVE3-70 which has a different resolution to EVE4-70...  And we've found no info on how to init any 1024x600 pixel EVE screen :(  We've also pinged Matrix Orbital about this issue.  Hopefully we can solve all this in just a few days.

    Ha, of course that exactly the display I have. It's the EVE4-70 1024x600. I also dug around their github for a few days. The docs are sparse. 

    I really appreciate you looking into this. The newest version of aida64 that you linked below is able to initialize the screen and display info. Which is awesome! 

    The issue, as you may have suspected, could be with incorrect resolutions. The bottom 10% or so of the screen gets cut off. 



  4. Ok, so I have the screen powered. I can confirm that EVE3 profiles don't work for EVE4 displays. I do get the driver init OK message from aida, but the display doesn't actually show any info. 

    Screenshot 2021-09-02 125940.png


    I can also confirm this with running matrix globals basic demo from github as well. EVE4 executable works fine and displays an image, while trying to run EVE3 executables displays garbage on the screen. 


  5. EDIT - Below is on pause for the moment. Turns out the 7" lcd that I have needs external power. 5v over USB is not enough. Will report back once it's powered properly. 


    Doesn't look like it works out of the box. Let me know what information I can provide.

    Screenshot 2021-09-01 103619.png

    This is the exact model I have on hand. 

    Product Name Model Quantity Price Total  
      - Touch: TPN
      - Back Light: BLH
      - NOR Flash: F128
      - Add-Ons: USB


    The controller is listed as - BT817, BT818

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