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  1. I've started getting these error messages lately.

    I haven't installed any new hardware, or changed any bios settings & am still using v3.00.2500

    I get them every morning from startup & can't access any part of the software unless I do a reboot (warm start) & then it all works fine without errors until next mornings cold boot.

    I have just now tried disabling all the HWMon Modules except SNB which it won't let me disable.

    But I'll have to wait for tomorrow mornings cold boot to see if it has an effect.


    Darien: Does doing a restart give you the errors?

  2. It is still fully supported. You need to enable the Sidebar support in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Hardware Monitoring / Vista Sidebar. Then you need to add the AIDA64 Gadget to your Sidebar (Vista) or Desktop (Win7) manually.



    I'm using Win7 & have enabled Vista Sidebar in the preferences, but cannot add it manually. There is no AIDA64 gadget in the Windows sidebar folder.

    Exactly how do you add it manually?

    Never mind. I deleted everything, unzipped it again & now it is working properly

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