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  1. ey fiery. thank you very much for the response. i was just about to come in here and edit my original post-- the issue was NOT AIDA. i reinstalled from scratch (new vid card, wanted guaranteed clean drivers) and i stupidly forgot to turn off hd power down when idle, so my ssds were not recovering. i don't know what confluence of factors made it seem so strongly tied to AIDA, but it appears to have been circumstantial. at any rate, im fixed now. thanks again.
  2. so, everything is fine when i start up my computer. i can open programs, play games, and my aida sensorpanel updates every 4-6 seconds-- easily verifiable by watching "up time" ticker. the world is happy. then i go away for an hour, with only chrome or other inconsequential programs up. when i come back, the sensorpanel shows one core (which core it is varies) at 99%, all other ones at 0 or 1, and appears to have frozen. nothing updates, including the up time. however, the entire system has likewise become unresponsive. it can take 5 mins to launch task manager or a new windows explorer window. right clicking on the aida64 icon in the notification area sometimes will result in the menu showing up after a few minutes, but most of the time it never does. even if i have process explorer or something similar up before the hang, i am usually unable to close aida at this point. regardless of whether or not i am able to exit AIDA, i have to reboot before my system becomes usable again. a couple interesting things: -- any application that was open prior to the issue continues to operate fine (including demanding 3d games), but i am typically unable to close aida or start anything new, no matter how small or trivial the process. -- the issue still appears to occur even if i never manually start AIDA64 and have it set to not autostart with windows, but uninstalling AIDA64 fixes the problem. -- the issue is 100% reproduceable. all i have to do is walk away from my computer for 2 hours. note that while i do have an ATI video card, i have disabled ulps via registry and have the latest drivers. any help would be greatly appreciated. ----------- i will edit this to attach my aida system dump shortly-- im in the middle of a long download and i don't want to reboot until it has completed.
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