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  1. Hi, one thing i'd like to see to AIDA64 is having the option to log CPU VID as well. This is very useful to the guys who overclock their Sandy Bridge cpus using offset (Turbo, EIST/Speedstep enabled, C1E enabled) since the VID becomes dynamic/serial and changes according to frequency and load. You already show it in Computer-->Overclock-->CPU VID, why not having the ability to log it as well? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, i've been using the logging feature of AIDA64 quite a bit. I still haven't figured out what exactly is the Used/Free Swap space... It's not the virtual memory/page file for sure because i always set this manually and it's always fixed (usually either 2000MB or 4000MB depending on the pc) and the sun of the reported free and used swap space don't agree with my virtual memory/age file. So, could you please explain to me what the Swap space is? Thanks in advance.
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