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  1. Bitdefender Total Secuity 2013 indicates "Driver Agent" is bad for your computer's health!!! So bad, in fact, it quaratined it!!!! (The "Web Scan" to be exact)
  2. AIDA64 Extreme > Menu > Config > Control Panel > Results in only (Name) "Flash Player (Comment) Manage Flash Player Settings" being listed. WHY? A competitive product (?): PC Wizard 2012, doesn't do much better. When 'Control Panel' is clicked the results are: Control Panel Applet : All Control Panel Items Control Panel Applet : Flash Player Control Panel Applet : PC Wizard System Analyzer OS: Win7 64bit Pro AIDA64 Extreme version: 2.85.2400 Is this a "bug" or just another MS / Third-Party application unresolved conflict?
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