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  1. claass

    Bigfoot NIC on G19LCD

    no answer? no idea?
  2. claass

    Bigfoot NIC on G19LCD

    this is the asus thunderbolt card with nic and sound. i use the Killer Network Manager that display Npu load. And this is the card
  3. claass

    Bigfoot NIC on G19LCD

    Is it possible to display the "NPU" load on the Logitech g19 LCD? I have got the Bigfoot Killer E2100 Embedded Gaming Network Adapter. Sorry for my bad english.
  4. I Have updated Aida and everything works perfectly. I love the new functions for the logitech g19. The new graph / gauge options are really good. Thank you very much ...Sorry for my bad english -->> google translation .... :-)
  5. I have got: 1. Zotac Geforce 560ti amp edition. 2. AIDA64 v2.30.1929 Beta/de 3.Yes iam using x64 Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7601 (Win7 RTM) 4.i think iam using OZC Vertex 2 with ahci and samsung ST31500541AS ahci but im not sure where can if find these settings?
  6. Hello, i have problems with aida and Crosshair V Formula/Thundebolt. I am using Aida with Logitech G19 and G13. Everytime i play Battlefield 3 in Fullscreen Aida crash after 10-15 minutes and make if i not close the applikation blue screen. Also with VLC Player in Fullscreen after ca. 5Min. it's crash. I don't know whats wrong because on my old MSI Mainboard Aida works perfect. How can help me? Sorry for my bad english im from Germany....
  7. claass

    Not Working Anymore On G510

    i have reinstall the gaming software and it works.
  8. claass

    Not Working Anymore On G510

    I have got the same problem with logitech gaming software 8.20.74 The software ran fine before the update. When i go on preference: Im using the Trial version on x64 Computer. If the problem fix I'll buy AIDA64 today because it is really good. Sorry for my bad english.