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  1. this is the asus thunderbolt card with nic and sound. i use the Killer Network Manager that display Npu load. And this is the card
  2. Is it possible to display the "NPU" load on the Logitech g19 LCD? I have got the Bigfoot Killer E2100 Embedded Gaming Network Adapter. Sorry for my bad english.
  3. I Have updated Aida and everything works perfectly. I love the new functions for the logitech g19. The new graph / gauge options are really good. Thank you very much ...Sorry for my bad english -->> google translation .... :-)
  4. I have got: 1. Zotac Geforce 560ti amp edition. 2. AIDA64 v2.30.1929 Beta/de 3.Yes iam using x64 Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7601 (Win7 RTM) 4.i think iam using OZC Vertex 2 with ahci and samsung ST31500541AS ahci but im not sure where can if find these settings?
  5. Hello, i have problems with aida and Crosshair V Formula/Thundebolt. I am using Aida with Logitech G19 and G13. Everytime i play Battlefield 3 in Fullscreen Aida crash after 10-15 minutes and make if i not close the applikation blue screen. Also with VLC Player in Fullscreen after ca. 5Min. it's crash. I don't know whats wrong because on my old MSI Mainboard Aida works perfect. How can help me? Sorry for my bad english im from Germany....
  6. i have reinstall the gaming software and it works.
  7. I have got the same problem with logitech gaming software 8.20.74 The software ran fine before the update. When i go on preference: Im using the Trial version on x64 Computer. If the problem fix I'll buy AIDA64 today because it is really good. Sorry for my bad english.
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