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  1. yes i'have 1TB and 2TB Sata drive connected on Asmedia array is made with 2 x 2tb hd configured as raid 1 2 western digital hd WD2003FYYS-02W0B0 model RE4 WD2002FYPS-01U1B0 model RE4-GP
  2. hi, i'm new. i've read some posts about aida freeze but this doesnt match with my problem. I've just purchased an asus rampage IV extreme MB ( EFI BIOS) lga 2011 socket MB and reinstalled Win 7 64 ultimate on a raid array ( i've created with intel rapid enterprise and onboard raid controller a raid 1 volume were i've installed os). now when i try to start aida 64.( last release 2.0) during its startup it check raid devices and freeze. the worst thing is : if i try reboot windows it seem to freeze any restart operations. if i try to stop aida procceses with windows manager. aida64.. exe seem to continue to work and doesnt respond any requests to stop. so i've to force reboot switching off power supply. if i unistall aida 64 my system work fine. Someone could help me ?
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