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  1. hi i downloaded ur program and i made a test thats the result http://screenshot.cz/GHR5S/ it still stable on 100% without going back under 100% that mean a serious problem or its just software problem
  2. hi my m.b :msi ms-7758 , rams :8 gb kingston hyberx 1600 ghz ,core i7 3770k cpu 3.50,vga: amd redeon hd 7900 series hd 7950 3 gb 384 as u see my pc has so good specifications but i get fps drops in game of call of duty 4 every time i play i unlocked fps to 250 and its stays steady, but after several minutes i got fps like 200 then 40 then it come back to 250 do u think i got something wrong with my pc ? cause i got lot of friend that have lower speces than mine and they got 250 fps without any drops so what do u think that cuz of? i checked all temp all were good vga cpu m.b temp all good i think there's no compatibility between my motherboard and my cpu maybe between my vga ? what do u think about that i need fast answer please i only got this pc 1 week ago and i'm waiting for answer thanks you. also i have power supply with 750 w coolermaster bronze
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