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  1. We have went through every single key in the list from the computers we have ran AIDA 64 on and multiple keys are invalid. We know all keys are valid because they are activated and we have them on the Volume Licensing list from Microsoft. The software is reporting incorrect keys for half of the computers running Office 2010 Standard. The software is not doing what it said it would do. I have not found anything on FAQ's about this issue. My IT Manager is wanting a refund for the product. What is the process we go about doing this? I have submitted a ticket about this issue on the 10th of January. Do I need to submit another one for getting a refund process started?
  2. I am an IT Tech and we decided to purchase the AIDA64 software to retrieve Office License Keys for our company. So, anyway, I have done over 50 computers and multiple computers have had the same license keys for Windows 7/XP and Office 2003/2007/2010. Why is this software giving the same license keys for multiple computers? I understand that some some companys will give out the same license key numbers in a batch for a certain number of computers. Office on the other hand is a different story. We do no have mass volume licenses for Office 2/003/2007/2010. It seems as if the program is reporting the wrong license keys. Is there any idea to why it is doing this? We have the Extreme Engineer license. Thanks in advance.
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