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  1. Thank you, now its working good. No jumps to zero since two-three Hours
  2. OK here are the files. I looks like he allways show 0rpm when the real rmp lower than 508rpm. smbusdump_full.txt isasensordump.txt
  3. With aida64 i hava a Problem with the Fan in my Power Supply. My PS is an Enermax Modu 82+. It has a Fan and an Conector to put it on the Mainboard for reading rpm. Its works fine with the latest everst version. In aida64 he shows the rpm mostly 0 and every ~10seconds it shows the real rpm in osd. In the Mainwindow under computer->sensors in the section fans the ps fan siwtch from visible to invisible every few seconds. What i have found out is when i Start the Computer (Win7x64) and then i start everest all works fine. Then i close everest an start aida and all works fine. When i st
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