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  1. 1) My bad - now I double-checked the controls you said and noticed that the reflection to Registry is turned on, but OPTx items were unchecked. (Maybe during experiments I turned these switches off when OPTx were detectable because temp > 0, and later they stopped being detectable because temp < 0, and so they lost from the settings page. and then I ran your Beta and forgot to check the settings. Ufff. ) Now I switched them on and my systray icon now reflecting your -14C in the Registry and your icon too. 2) Thank you! Staying monitoring this topic for your posts. Regards, Ilya
  2. Thank you for the fast response! I tried the version you provided. The results are: (1) It seems not to write OPT sensor values to the registry. Sorry, I haven't tested other methods of retrieving data. (2) OPT temp sensor icons now successfully appeared in systray, having strange line on the bottom of the icon, and not displaying negative sign, when the values are negative. (3) Now systray icons show -17C instead of -11C according to the reference thermometer. This issue is a question of sensor calibration, and of course it is not a responsibility of AIDA. Furthermore I'm not sure that this temp range is suitable for that sensor and/or mobo controller. Anyway I could perform the calibration issues by myself if you'll provide export to the registry . Regards, Ilya
  3. Thank you for the reply. Yes, they coded as you said, -2C = 130 and -3C = 131 etc. So my decoding is int realTemp = (tempReadFromRegistry <= 128)? tempReadFromRegistry : 128 - tempReadFromRegistry; The problem of sensor loss is in its detection only.
  4. Hi, I'm using Everest/AIDA64 for monitoring of temperatures outside computer case. I use ASUS external Temp sensor plugged to OPT motherboard connector. Everything is going right when temperature is above zero (Celsius). When temp is going below zero, the measurements are good too. The only small problem is that it is reported as unsigned integer (i.e. -1 as 129) but it is not so important. But when AIDA is starting and sensor temperature is below 0, it rejects the sensor from further reading. So it cannot be found neither in systray nor the registry. Possibly AIDA sensor detection logic decides that such values with bit7=1 are meaningless and sensor is not working. It takes place only when AIDA detects the sensors, so, if temp was > 0 on detection time, all later sensor readings are performed and good, regardless of temperature sign. Is there a way to force the monitoring of these sensors regardless of their start values? Hardware used: MB Asus Maximus II Formula, standard ASUS external temperature sensors with 1m cables connected to OPT1-OPT3 motherboard connectors. Regards, Ilya
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