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  1. Thanks for the prompt reply! I never would have figured out the renaming problem with the fans. Aida managed to find the first chassis fan and the CPU fan even though they have also been renamed, just not the extra 3 chassis fans.
  2. I'm really impressed with this program and with the incredible response to user's problems. I have just returned to building my own system after nearly 15 years of Dell and HP. I have set up an extra monitor strictly for hardware monitoring and my Aida Sensor Panel occupies a good portion of it. I have only 2 requests. The newest version (June 17) still only shows data for 1 chassis fan although the Asus ATKEX shows all four. I have attached the sensor dump files. The other request is more general - would it be possible to have minimum and maximum values for the temperatures and a reset button? This would eliminate the necessity for loading other programs for this specific reason. Thanks ecdump.txt isasensordump.txt smbusdump_full.txt
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