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  1. Thank you for the assurances, Fiery and Squall. If I may, does AIDA64 induce the same lag on machines you have stress tested?
  2. To add: In trying to investigate more, I attempted running a benchmark via Report Wizard. During the benchmark, my computer will not crash, but it is completely unusable (the lag is more persistent). This behavior concerns me, as other stress tests (Prime95, Cinebench, 3D synthetics) do not result in this issue. I also noticed there is a thread on the forums regarding problems with Asus mainboards and AI Suite: http://forums.aida64.com/topic/1155-asus-maximus-v-extreme-aida64-unexpected-restartsshutdowns-at-idle-with-aida64-in-background/ . This system has both, and while the symptoms
  3. Hi Fiery, Thank you for your fast response. I do notice that when the GPU stress test is off, I see less lag. However, there is still a substantial amount of lag while running a CPU-only stress test. I need to gauge whether that is a typical AIDA64 experience. The computer I am setting up is high end, and I want to proceed with the overclock responsibly. Could you offer thoughts about this lag while running the CPU stress tests. Sincerely, Polite Master
  4. Hi AIDA64 Forums, I just downloaded AIDA64 to redo my overclock. When running the stress test (with and without GPU), I am experiencing extreme lag. It will take 4 seconds for AIDA64 to respond to a click (e.g. monitoring tabs and stopping the stress test). Also, my mouse will jump from place to place when trying to move it. I have used AIDA64 once before and do not remember this behavior. Is it abnormal, and if so, please kindly assist. Thank you in advance! - Polite Master Intel i7-3770K (currently default BIOS/overclock settings) Windows 7 64-bit Tried: - AIDA64
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