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  1. Thanks for the reply Fiery. I guess I don't fully understand the situation as well as I thought. It seems to me that the explanation you gave is almost the opposite from what I thought the problem was. If I'm understanding you correctly, the problem is not with the driver necessarily but but with the USB not being compatible/outdated? I will have to to more looking into this issue and see if I can wrap my mind around this matter. Is there any chance that you might or anyone else knowledgeable on the topic could recommend a USB suitable for me? I will report back here with any other qu
  2. I'm currently trying to see if my account is activated correctly and I'm able to post. The link to activate my count didn't work so I figure I'll try and post. Feel free to delete this thread, thanks. Edit: I figure I should post what brought me here. I'm having trouble with my internet connection and I believe that it is related to an outdated driver, I'm getting a message like this"Hi-Speed USB Device Plugged into non-HI-Speed USB Hub". I'm using a Dell Microsoft windows xp home edition(sp3). I tried downloading Everest Ultimate Edition but I had trouble getting it going. Not
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