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  1. I never found a option to skip UAC when starting Aida64. What can I do to skip UAC when I start Aida64 Extreme Edition ? Or can this option be added in another Beta issue ? thanks
  2. stasio. Tried to make changes in "options", but nothing worked. Background color of sidebar gadget is still the same (white) and I can´t change it. But here on W8 CP, Memory Bench worked fine.
  3. Time checked and it´s normal. Under Windows 8 Consumer Preview, it is normal that Windows shows all uptime, even when I shutdown my PC. But the problem continues with the sidebar gadget. I updated to latest version: 1847, and now I can´t find the option to change background color of sidebar gadget. It only shows me following options: - ENABLE DESKTOP GADGET SUPPORT - USE HKLM IN REGISTRY But nothing to change background color. thanks
  4. Hi.Another problem with the sidebar gadget is: I started my computer this morning, but the gadget shows me that my pc is since for more than 16 hours.At this moment the pc is not more than 4 hours in use.May be a problem with a sensor ? thanks.
  5. Hi. Will be an APPS for Metro (Windows 8) to monitor Hardware ? Because until now, I was using Aida64 Sidebar under Windows 7. Thanks
  6. With latest version it still has the same problem after hibernate. But it happens only with HDD temperature.
  7. Fiery. I installed the latest version of Aida64, 1.50.1200 and the problem is still the same. Look at the image and see the temperature of the HDD after hibernate. thanks
  8. Motherboard Name Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L v2 Windows 7 32 bits Intel® ICH7 Family Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - 27DF Intel® N10/ICH7 Family Serial ATA Storage Controller - 27C0
  9. I upgraded to Build 1176, but the Bug with the Gadget is still the same. But it happens only when I put my Computer to Hibernate. When I put it to Sleep, it works fine. And it happens with the Sensor Icons on Tray too. Both have the same problem after the PC returned from hibernate.
  10. No. First it shows one temperature and 5 minutes later, it shows another temperaturwe, like the two picture I posted. I need to close the program and then start it again to show the normal temperature. But it happens only with HDD. Other things work fine like rotation, processor temperature, voltage ... It happens only with HDD temperature.
  11. Hi. I´m new here, and using Aida64 Extreme Edition 1.20.1150. But I found a bug on the Gadget. When I put my computer to sleep, and after a time I return to my work, the Gadget appears to work fine. But when I put the computer to HIBERNATE, and return to work a cuple of hours later, it shows me temperature very different of the usual temperature. Below you see two diferent temperatures of my Hard Drives. and it happens after my computer hibernates. The program starts with Windows. So, I need to close the program and start it again. Then, it shows me the real temperature.
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