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  1. Hi. So with Update Rate 5000 Aida runns Normal over 15 H. With Update Rate 1000 Aida Crashes after 10-12 H
  2. Sorry for late resonse. Running Version : 4.20.2800 1: NO 2: Yes enabled 3: 4.20.2800 Update Rate was 1000 MS set it to 5000 Now and will test it.
  3. Hi and Again i have an Application Error. Each time my PC runns more than 10 H Aida crashes. But only the G19 Disply Support Crashed. My PC : Asus Sabertooth X58 Mainboard 12GB Corsair Ram Win 7 64 Bit G19 Keyboard Regards Schneider
  4. Reinstallled and rebootet now i start testing. Thanks.
  5. I have an Application Error in the Aida 64 3.00.2536 BETA Anny sugesstions about this Error ?
  6. Thanks for the Update BUT the Update tells me my Serial is no longer Supportet. So atm the Update Wont WORK. Will renew the License next Days. Thanks.
  7. Im Running Extreme 3.0. I have Attached the Pic from the Error and the Report generatet after restart the Prog. Some Line in Report was Deletet to save Space Anny Sugestions for this Failure? If any other info is needet please call for it. Thanks for your time Report.htm
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