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  1. Hi, I want to know what it refers to the "GPU VE Utilization" and "GPU MC Utilization" I did not find any explanation about Thanks guys
  2. So how often would I actually read that twice? In full marks about 900 MHz more or less, against the original 1848 MHz.
  3. I mean that does not fit well the actual clock of the RAM, the real one is 1848 MHz, 945 MHz AIDA extent on more or less. Thanks guys
  4. I too have the same problem and use EVGA Precision, while playing at times the fan jumps to 100% usage and then subside after a while, now I was using the BETA for fear of AIDA64 then I uninstalled it from the system. Is there a solution to the problem or do I wait for a new release of AIDA? Thank you all :-) Another defect is that it does not fit well the clock speed of the ram, my VGA is a GTX480, the core and shader are the right size, the ram does not.
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