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  1. these new drivers fixes a lot of problems http://www.station-drivers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=3749&p=13864#p13864
  2. download latest 1492 version http://download.aida64.com/aida64extreme_build_1492_kmc8wty1zb.zip restart your pc and report back
  3. hi as always i sended you an report with comment i think latest Aida64 needs more "tweaking" to show all correct i think VCCIO reading is wrong and south bridge kern and pll shows the same and are there no north and southbridge temps?? pls post back if you read my report regards
  4. ok then all is right then its the intel (Sandy gpu) bios date thx
  5. fiery latest aida shows my vga bios from feb 2011 but i know in the past that the bios was dated 2010 and i did never updated my vga card bios can you check this with the report i sended you?? regards
  6. works like a charme as always good work fiery big thx
  7. hi Fiery sended you an report pls answer back if you have an updated beta for ASUS P8Z68-V regards
  8. hi fiery downloaded aida64 1412 restartet my pc and looked into motherboard and it shows me a bios date 05.02.2010 but the real bios date is 03.03.2011 pls help
  9. thx for info hope you understand my previous posting as an "joke" hope so
  10. its "funny" you get 2 extra help buttons if you use an pirated version
  11. hi fiery i have 2 ssds in my case 1x ocz vertex 2 120GB 1x ocz vertex 2 60gb Aida shows by both always 30 grad temp not 1 grad less or more whats up there?
  12. see an posting in german HW forum the user webwilli told me that the ram speed and the bckl is shown worong see the pics http://www.hardwareluxx.de/community/16172101-post1122.html
  13. Hi Fiery look at the 2 Pictures and compare the Bios Date Pic 1 (right) Pic 2 (wrong)
  14. other question why does the homepage shows aida 1.20 as of 1.50???
  15. is 1219 now ready for Sandy Bridge i am @work and cant test at the moment
  16. ok let me know if i can something do for you (test/report/etc) thx and good luck for Mission "ASUS/Sandy Bridge"
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