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  1. 1) I have not tried to connect at the same time two USB-HDD that have been described. An error has occurred when I copied a lot of information to one of them (~40..50Gb). It did not happen right away. Approximately 10 minutes after the start of the process. 2) I did not get to the previous conditions. I have already installed the new version v3.00.2584 Beta. With this version I have not yet tested this problem. I forgot to write a very important detail. "Indicator Panel" working at the time on the Desktop. It showed a temperature indicators for USB-HDD. Thank You!
  2. Hi, USB-HDD disconnected when copying big massive information (~40..50Gb) and AIDA is currently running. The copying process is stopped for about 10 minutes after the start copying. When AIDA stopped, all working good. AIDA v3.00.2500 Win7x64SP3 i7-2600K / MB ASUS P8Z68-V Pro USB-HDDs: Seagate Backup Plus Portable STCA3000200 (an error occurred when it was connected to the USB3.0) WD My Book Essential WDBACW0020HBK (an error occurred when it was connected to the USB2.0)
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