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  1. I have the latest Drivers off of the Logitech website. I have version 8.50 installed, and the latest stable build of aida 64. I have all of the other applets unchecked except for Aida because its the only one that I find useful. I guess I haven't tried installing the beta versions yet, but I doubt that would help.
  2. I tried that already. You cant run game-panel without starting aida64 with it. When you have the aida applet checked in the game-panel software it automatically starts the software when it starts. If you uncheck it, you have to go into the game-panel software every time and check it to get your diagnostics to show up on the keyboard. I tried unchecking the auto-start box in the gamepanel software, and then scheduling gamepanel to auto start 30 seconds after boot, it doesn't lock up, but when it starts it brings the window up. It wont open into the task-tray. I looked at the options. I tried us
  3. It only does it when I have it set to start at boot. I have the aida app checked in the Logitech game panel Software and I have the game panel set to not boot with windows. I have to manually start the software and it usually take no more than ten seconds to get the diagnostics on the screen.
  4. Fiery, I have a logitech G15 and I use aida64 to display all of my system temps on the Keyboard screen. It worked flawless on my old setup. I got a new board reinstalled windows 7 64bit and now Everytime at startup it locks up my whole computer for 2 mins. It only locks up when I have the both aida 64 and logitech gamepanel starting at boot. I have literally tried everything I can think of. I have updated every single driver, even uninstalled and reinstalled a few to see if I get a change to no avail. All the hardware is the same except the board, So it isnt any of my other hardware. The new
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