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  1. Thanks for all the replies. LatencyMon reports everything as ok but closing it and running DPC latency checker will show periodic spikes. May just be the Intel RST drivers as Fiery stated, I recently moved to the new v10 that was released on 12/15. Thanks again.
  2. 1) Gigabyte EX58-UD5 2) i7 930 3) GTX 480 4) 2x Intel SSDs in RAID0, 3x1TB Caviar Green in RAID0 (ICH10R) 5) No sensor devices 6) Win7 Pro x64 I've attached a picture of the dpc latency, it spikes fairly regularly while leaving AIDA64 running.
  3. Is there anyway to lower the DPC latency while running AIDA64? I get periodic spikes in DPC latency while running AIDA64 to monitor temps on my G19. Sometimes my audio playback will skip because of this; any help would be much appreciated
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