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  1. It only reaches 91C for a slight second during an FPU benchmark test apart of the AIDA64 Report tool. Also, I do have after market cooling (H100i) which should be sufficient enough for the amount of volts I'm giving the CPU Here's is some more information on my PC: Processor: i7-4770k (OC to 4.5GHz w/ 1.25v) using H100i Liquid Cooling Memory: 16GB Corsair Veng. 1600 MHz Motherboard: GIGABYTE Z87X-UD3H I've tried FPU only stress test in AIDA and it does not reach 91C, nor does some other stress tests that really determines your highest heat output such as prime95
  2. After running AIDA64's Benchmark through the 'Report Wizard', my tests all passed and everything was good - until I looked at the Stability test graphs.. The graph indicates that my CPU went to 91C, and reports "CPU Throttling - Overheating Detected!". The CPU (not the CPU cores) bumped up to 91C during an Floating Point Unit benchmark, but quickly came back down. Should I be worried? The CPU Throttling graph line also never moved. It stayed in 0%. Here's some pictures: Thank you in advance for the help
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