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  1. The download link to this version isn't working.
  2. ISA sensor dump: SMBus Dump (Full): BIOS Hardware monitor: CPU Temperature: 38C/132F System Temperature: 32C/121F CPU FAN Speed: 3512 RPM CPU Vcore 1.336V 3.3V: 3.376 V 5V: 5.003 V 12V: 12.408 V
  3. Aida64 v2.20.1800 shows 10.472 V value on 12v rail with MSI GF615M-P33 v2 motherboard. I've tested it with 2 different PSU's and values are simmilar, 10.4-10.5 volts. One PSU is brand new. In BIOS values are ok. Here is report:
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