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  1. As I mentioned, it wasn't compatible sine some of 4.x version.
  2. Yes, but it has no ability to load the log/history. I have some old php-script for making a graph of Everes's sensor logs, but it's for an old version and not compatible with latest everest/aida64. And there is no updates. It would be awesum if the program have had build-in feature to load and inspect the logs, which could be updated by te devs every time when something in the logs format changes. The suggestion is still valid.
  3. Currently, there is no such tool that allows to monitor many system sensors, log data, load it for further investigation and examine. They either heavily outdated and provide incorrect data (RivaTuner) or don't support new sensors. In other hand, Everest/AIDA is always updating and I don't understand why System Stability Module has no such feature. It would be just super-awesome to log temp values and constantly SAVE them, so, it won't get lost after a crash caused by overheating. Did I miss something? Why it wasn't implemented before? It is not like this feature is something new.
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