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  1. Yes! In this version I can read all SMART data for all drives! Thank you very much
  2. It's not a driver problem, HD Tune Pro just works, I bet it's an AIDA64 bug, that's why I posted my problem here in the first place. Anyway for completeness I'm posting a screenshot for the driver I currently use which was installed automatically by Windows 8.1 and is newer than your suggested version.
  3. These are my stability settings I must point out the other hard-drives are showing SMART data just fine, just not the first hard-drive SMART data is missing (gray panel with no content first screenshot).
  4. Hello, I have a problem with AIDA64 not reading SMART data from Intel X58 Chipset for Seagate Barracuda 1TB on RAID, the SMART data can be read with HD Tune Pro but not with AIDA64. Attached are screenshots from HD Tune Pro and AIDA64 and AIDA64 SMART Report and Dump and RAID Dump. Report.txt smartdump.txt raiddump.txt
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