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  1. Im sure if you have overclocked using a bios option then it will be overclocked 10% and will still be under warranty. reading this article It says "Since people have been Overclocking their beasts (read machines) to get the maximum out of them right form Day 1, Asus soon began shipping its own overclocking app, the Super Hybrid Engine, with every Eee. That lets users boost the speed of most Eee PCs by up to 10% while staying within warranty." http://www.notebookcheck.net/Newsentry.153+M5ae6bba59b1.0.html if theres a button in bios to overclock surely if you press it again it will disable it, otherwise you can use the reset to defaults option in the bios.
  2. Hey guys, I was having the same issue with low benchmark scores. for me disabling intel virtualization technology in the bios increased my results from 13500MB/s to 19500MB/s. this is on MSI Z87-G45 and i7 4770k @4.2GHz. thought it was strange myself but I can reproduce the results by enabling/disabling virtualization in bios.
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