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  1. Hello, i just mean, AIDA64 is in my Autostart, it starts when the pc starts. I think i can aviod the problem if Aida64 would start AFTER Ghub/Gaming software. Because when Aida64 starts up first, the error comes. If I shut down Aida64 and restart ist while the Logitech Software is allready running, it can Init the DLL. So i believe it could be a problem in the running order... I have the same problem on both of my pc's - one with GHUB und one with the LGS ( Logitech Gaming Software ) and please help me with another problem, where can i open a thread for a problem with aquacomputer QUADRO and Aida64 - because Aida64 does not recognize the sensors, while Aquasuite does...
  2. I think i can answer myself, i do have GHub installed as well. If i have just one of the softwares running, it works. So finally i have to figure that out with my new Keyboard... Now after a littlebit of trying, after every restart, Aida64 shows: ERROR: LCD INIT FAILED. I am using Logitech G-Hub Software. After a reinstall all went okay yesterday in the evening. Now after a restart of the PC - Same Problem. * Now a fulll restart of Aida64 solved the Problem for me. Are there any issues known about that? Can i add my Autostart order somewhere?
  3. Hello Guys, i hope you can help me. I have installed the Arx Software on phone and connected to the pc. I have acitvated Arx Control in AIDA64 and tried with a first element. My Problem is, that in the Logitech Gaming Software Arx, that the Aida64 applet is not shown. Can anyone help me with that?
  4. Wanna know an interesting fact? After installing win10 - ULPS is not working anymore. I have no Idea why that happened....
  5. I did just also Upgrade. Since i turned off the SSD Checking i think the Powersafe works much bette. Can it be, that the problem was not the Grafix Card, it was the SSD? Many regards Fabian
  6. Happy new year Fiery! The funny fact i did not have the Issue with the Old AIDA64 version - but i don't have the INI anymore Well put your hand on your heart - does an update on windows 10 make sense or does it not? You are one of the guys who knows much on the hardware - so you could tell that to me! Okay i just did switch the SSD checking off, so i have no Problem with stuttering.
  7. Got an new issue i never had before - maybe you yould help me. I am playing the Witcher 3 ( since June ) and when i play now and AIDA OR HWINFO ia on, the sound got stuck every about 30 seconds - do you know something about that? And what can i do against that.
  8. Will go on testing today. Would you know an interesting fact? - When i turn on GoG.Galaxy ( its from GoG.com ) the card is going on, and off - all the time.... Okay, now i just let run my pc for several hours - normally after one hour i came back, and ULPS worked. Now the pc was alone for more than one hour - and the Fury got on Full Power, the monitor stayed off, and my system crashed. Do we have any possibilities to log that event - so that we can see what exactly happens than?
  9. Well maybe it would be intersting to you guys, but when i turn off Afterburner it seems to run MUCH better... Could that be, because there are 2 programs are using the same driver?
  10. That is allright. Now the PC was about 1 hour in sleepmode. Then the GPU Powered up, and the System was freezing - any ideas to that? No Bluescreen or something, just in 'full power mode' and not waking up... But i love to do some tests... Its just some fun for me. Tomorrow i will go on testing. I personally think it was better with the last BETA. I am thinking we will solve the problem! - we are near on it and that it works with HWinfo64 makes me happy, so it seems the Problem is not unuseable. But will it be making sense, writing an email to AMD?
  11. Okay, first Update for you guys. Actual Beta ( the last one ) - I activatet the MSI Afterburner, together with the MSI Afterburner ( 4.20 ) - and there is no bluescreen when entering ULPS anymore. Now Aida is not showing me on display ( in ULPS ) Gpu MHZ; GPU MEM and GPU Usage - and the temp is at 0 - What is allright because it should be and is in sleepmodus. Seems to work much better this time - together with the Afterburner. We will see... I leave it run until i go to bed...
  12. Hello Fiery - today i bought my renewal. Just because the very good support you guys spend to us PC Crazies. But back to topic - today it was okay, only one time the PC freezed in ULPS - i will try the new beta in some minutes. In MSI Afterburner there is an option 'driver reset afer ULPS' - can you maybe do something like that with Aida too? The last time i tried AIDA with Afterburner - the PC got an Bluescreen when entering ULPS - do you know somethig about that? Will test and write later... stay tuned.
  13. Thank you so very much for your support, and i will go on with that. But now, my PC was about 1 hour in ULPS ( same thing as i tried with afterburner or HWInfo )... I cannot say when, but on some time in that hour i had the same issue. All LED's on the Fury X went on, and there was an system freeze. So maybe it is an Problem with the old INI-File?! Hopefully you can manage the failure, because i am an Aida fan since Everest ( yes i used that too very often ). I think there will be an way in that we can manage to get those failures - i will keep my support if you keep sending me test versions - i love to test new versions and give some feedback! Okay - now i made an NEW ini File ( my old was about 3 years ) - and will test it now. Still with the latest beta. I disabled Multi-GPU Support because i just have one. - Going to test right now - will write new results. -
  14. Well I am at testing, and it seems to run fine ( will have a longer test ). Maybe i will renew my license now - can you maybe tell me, if there maybe would be an action for an new years deal or something - just because it was much cheaper 2 years ago. And i would like to take an 2 years license. Would be nice if there was something like an coupon. Well i will go on testing. Thank you so very much!
  15. Thany you! I will test it today in the evening or maybe tomorrow - because i have an late shift at work! By the way, are you one of the programmers?
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