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  1. hello how are you?, the aida have any way of recording the maximum and minimum temperatures? well as does the HWMonitor. has 3 columns, current, max, min.
  2. good day. anyone can modify this gadget to work an AIDA64? is an excellent gadget, thanks. link: http://www.sevenforums.com/attachments/gadgets/51543d1265074698-cpu-temperature-gadget-everestmeterbeta2.08.rar
  3. creates a lot of logs, that could be reduced?
  4. thanks, and this recording, but somehow that does not believe so many logs?
  5. use extreme version, but does not save the log of the maximum temperature after playing? without using the stability test
  6. thanks, I can not find the log files, and select the option ..
  7. Best of all, I wonder if aida have the option of recording the maximum temperature reached by the components?
  8. good at all .. this does not work with aida64 gagdet, but if I work very well with the latest version everest .. You can update the gadget to work? aida64 or upgrade? you can download the gadget .. no virus or anything .. is clean .. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?g9qz4k8s8757e6i
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