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  1. Edit, I am now having issues with other games as well so I do not believe It is related to Aida64 at all and am going to try and replace the PSU once I get a replacement. When I run Aida64 on stress GPU's my 4 lights on the ceiling fan flicker. This does not happen with all the other tests combined but only when I choose to stress GPU's. I have moved the computer to another circuit in the house and am getting the same issue. I have checked all my connections to the main power in the house including grounds and neutral and the wire. I am using Kill A Watt to measure all my devices on my 15amp circuit directly and am only reading 800 watts total for all my devices other than the ceiling fan and lights on this circuit. If you add the fan and lights in (260 watts) it comes to 1060 watts total which is still less than what a 15 amp circuit can handle. I also pulled 1 video card and tested it with the same problem (dropping the watts dramatically). I was wondering is this a issue with this specific test and certain graphics cards. The lights flickering do not appear to be a issue when I am playing battlefield 4 either just when running the stress GPU test. My System Specs Case - Cooler Master HAFX PSU - Corsair Professional Gold 1200 Watt Video Cards - 2 EVGA NVIDIA GTX 780 FTW in SLI Corsair Vengeance Pro Series 2133mhz 16gb Intel Core I7-4770k Samsung SSD 840 EVO 512 GB Seagate 2TB 64mb Cache Corsair H80i Liquid CPU Cooler Motherboard - MSI Z87-G45 Gaming
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