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  1. understood.


    based on corsair's track record of fixing their own program, im not going to hold my breath.  


    How hard can it be to expose an interface for an external program to passively read values?  Their own damn software does it.


    They make outstanding hardware, but they need to hire some real software engineers, not that group of muppets they have coding for them currently.


    in the mean time, no monitoring for me.

  2. gotcha, i dont have a commander module, so i guess i can disable it.


    I am using both the latest Corsait link ( and the latest aida64 beta (3908).


    The behavior persists.  I cannot monitor the CL sensors in aida64 without completely disabling all automated and manual fan control within CL.


    perhaps i need to downgrade the version on one or both?


    Do you happen to know approx when the next version of CL is due? their forums are awful and rarely have any offical replies. 

  3. confirmed, Asustek LC sensor support cause complete loss of fan control and disabling of all fan curves through consair link.


    closing corsair link does not return normal behavior.




    so, either no sensors, or no fan control  not much of a choice there.


    if enabled, fan rpms drop to 780 and stays there, and coolant temp quickly rises over 45c (red zone) under load.


    what is the corsair link sensor support for if it doesn't do anything?

  4. Any way you can convert this to an integer?


    3 decimal places is pretty ridiculous for mains input voltage and takes up twice the space on the LCD.


    I realize it probably comes from the API that way, but the fractions of volts are unnecessary.


    Ultimately, it would be nice to choose how many decimal places to show for any item, but i think i asked before and you said it was too complicated to implement. 

  5. Fresh install (reset) of win10 causes the switchblade LCD to update slowly.


    looks like about 4sec pollrate.


    Thats really slow and pretty useless, it was 1sec


    Im not sure if its a synapse issue, or an aida pollrate issue.


    I was unable to find a pollrate setting in aida64

  6. Hi Mac !

    Try this: First disable automatic startup from Aida64, then on Windows Start menu run (or Win key + R) type taskschd.msc

    top left click >Task Scheduler Library.  On top middle pane if there is Aida64 entry, delete it. Now after restart re-enable Aida64 startup from Aida64 settings.


    no dice.


    you say your is working fine, are you running the synaptics point device driver/gui?

  7. argg...


    i still cant the aida64 lcd to go in the background


    if i hit any button, aida64 just come right back after a second.


    same if i hold down the razer home button.


    this behavior started after the newest razor synapse update...


    i tried completely uninstalling (including registry scrub with revo uninstaller advanced uninstall) and reinstalling, but it still does it.

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