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  1. oh ok then, it's too bad, but yeah, fingers crossed Thanks anyway for your answer. Merry Christmas to all AIDA64 Staff. Keep being awesome !!
  2. Hi, will you guys plan to include sensors from Corsair AXi series PSUs like Power input/Output, PSU temp, Fan Speed etc ? I also noticed that the AIO watercooling kit H100i is monitoring the coolant temperature. I know these are not dependant from the motherboard but they are read from the Corsair Link dongle via an USB 2.0 header, so I though maybe you could take a look at it Would be awesome ! Thanks for reading. Cheers
  3. It would be better if windows could stop the disk while continuing to read the sensor
  4. Hi, I noticed a kind of issue caused by AIDA64. With AIDA64 running, the hard disks won't stop automatically after a period of inactivity. Do you know a way to force them to stop, even with AIDA running please ?
  5. Yeah you probably right, I'll just stop display this one in the OSD ^^ The MB temp is not the chipset, only a case temp so there is no reason to be worried about it. THX anyway for the support !
  6. Hi, I got weird temp on the sensor called Motherboard. The more my fans are blowing, the more the temp goes high. With fans no running at all, the MB sensor goes down to around 35°, with all fans in 'normal mode' the temp goes around 75° !!! And when I need more fan blow, when playing games or so, the temps raise up to 85°+ I found nothing explaining that, all other sensor are correct, CPU, cores and hard drives are all in a range ~30-40° RealTemp and Asus Probe show same temps by the way. So I guess the sensor is defect. I'm looking for applying a realistic correction ratio/offset for this temp but I need help if someone has the same problem, help me please
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