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  1. Make sure you are using the latest Prolific drivers for the TMS, ver dated 3/12/2010. Once you have it working and can identify which COM port it uses, try setting the COM port to "Fixed" in the Settings window for the TMS program. Are you using a motherboard USB header for your TMS or are you plugging it in to an external USB port? You also should run Aida 1.6
  2. Installed a TMS-200 and the EB-200. Running Koolance code 2.1.28 and AIDA 1.50.1236. All 10 sensors reporting correctly All 6 fans reporting correctly No issues to report with AIDA. I wish you would pick up the Koolance source code and rewrite it... Bring it up to the year 2010. All is well. Thank you Fiery. AIDA is a great program. Reading flowrate would be a BIG plus.
  3. Udvozletek! Has there been any update to this? I was thinking of buying one of these controllers but will only use AIDA to monitor my rig. I read that TMS Koolance code is a final version. Koszonom! (My Hungarian is rough lol)
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