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  1. Thanks Mice, I let it update itself and it worked like a champ!!
  2. Hey gang, I just got the registered version back in Dec ( 4.0) and see 4.2 is now out. I am assuming the proper procedure for installing this version would be: Uninstall 4.0. Download and Install 4.20 trial version Enter registration code. I have a custom display setup for my Logitech G19 display. Does this have to be redone, or is there a way to save my custom display for the new version? Thanks for any assistance,
  3. Ah I see it now, thanks Fiery!
  4. I am a new user to AIDA64 Extreme, and wanted to just quickly say thank you , for supporting displaying the data in the Logitech G19 display. I love my G19 keyboard but sadly there have not been much in the way of new apps written for the LCD display. When I was looking for a good monitoring program, couple guys highly recommended AIDA 64 Extreme and when I checked it out and saw the G19 support I was sold. I love how configurable it is for the display and definitely use it - so thank you for including this feature!
  5. That would be great, I would love to see that as well.
  6. Is there a way to record, the highest single core temp in AIDA 64 Extreme whilst running a game, or stress test?
  7. That worked, many thanks Fiery!
  8. Hi all, I just purchased and installed AIDA64 Extreme yesterday on Windows 8.1. Today I am missing the icon for the shortcut on my deskop, just displays a generic windows black icon. I have tried right clicking and choosing the change icon option, but then it tells me AIDA64 contains no icons. Of course the program still works just fine, but this plain generic icon is annoying. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the program as well with the same result. Any ideas how to get my icon back? Thanks for any tips,
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