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  1. Problem solved. I had broken finger print sensor, code 45 in device manager, and after unplugging this sensor AIDA64 started just fine.
  2. 1) Which version of AIDA64 do you use? aida64extreme400 2) What motherboard and CPU do you have? Intel i7 2760QM sandy bridge, LENOVO 8BET60WW 1.40 3) Do you have an external UPS device, or a built-in battery in your computer? laptop battary 4) Do you have any external disk drives connected? (USB, eSATA or FireWire) NO.... 2 internal drives, mSATA SSD + WD 7200 rpm SATA drive 5) Do you have any RAID arrays defined? If yes, then what version of RAID drivers do you have installed? NO When I launch AIDA64 it does not start. There is an icon in taskbar, but it is not clickable or anything, no AIDA64 windows ever show up. When I go to task manager (sysinternal process explorer). AIDA64.exe task is mark in brown color, and it says Path: [Error opening process] in tool tip. I tried to navigate to installation folder and launch from there, same thing. I've tried launching AIDA64 in save mode, also same thing.
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