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  1. ok i found the problem. when opening up task scheduler i got the popup "Task image is corrupt or has been tampered with User_Feed_Synchronization". I googled this and found that task updates your RSS feeds in IE 7/8. So I went into IE, tools & settings/content and disabled automatically update feeds. I closed out task scheduler and reopen, error message was gone. Ran aida64 and received no errors. Problem solved, thanks!
  2. When i click on the scheduled page it showed up blank. I am also noticing that after about 10-15 seconds the program crashes when on the Software/schedule section. Also when i click the report wizard and run just software-related pages it also crashes but the other reports complete just fine.
  3. win 7 64 bit. using trial version 4.00.2746 beta.
  4. I am trying to generate a report using a WOT_aida64.rpf and i get the error message that the program has stopped working while its generating under Software- Scheduling. It does not go past that point.
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