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  1. nVIDIA GPU Registers ------[ AIDA64 v2.20.1847 Beta ]------ ------[ Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 (64-bit) ]------ ------[ Video Adapters ]------ Intel Sandy Bridge-MB - Integrated Graphics Controller (MB GT2) [8086-0116 / 1028-0491] ------[ Video Driver ]------ nvapi.dll: igdumd64|||||igd10umd64|||||igd10umd64|||||igdumdx32|||||igd10umd32|||||igd10umd32|| igdumd64|||||igd10umd64|||||igd10umd64|||||igdumdx32|||||igd10umd32||8.15
  2. I'm appologise, it's my mistake. Now I'd instaled and reboted windows with the latest version but in my case is doesn't matter if the UPS is enable/disable because in boot of the cases I Ihave latency problem, which you can see from the following picture. Again I don't have latency problem when the GPU module is disable and in this version.
  3. I am confuse. How I can do that? All the Aida64 settings are by default. I'd make only one change in this settings, which you can see from the following picture. In this case I don't have latency problem.
  4. If I disable the GPU module in the HWMon I don't have latency problem.
  5. With this new beta I didn't resolve my latency problem. The next suggestion - HWMon and disabling diffrent devices. In my case... I don't have latency problem when I disable the GPU Module, which is NVIDIA GT555 with the latest drivers.
  6. I have the some problem and with this version of the software.
  7. Hi, I decide to try Aida64 2.20.1800 and overall I am happy but I have latency problem with aida64 software when is running. That's in the moment when I am checking for the temperature in the system cpu,gpu.... aida64-->computer-->sensor. I am providing you a picture for the issue. Regards
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